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The Double-Barreled Endografting Technique in a Patient With Chronic Type B Aortic Dissection

Conclusion: “Here, we describe a successful endovascular treatment using a double-barreled endografting technique for chronic type B aortic dissection, which excludes the dilated false lumen by endografting into the false lumen without covering the primary entry.”

Zone 1 Debranching for Frozen Elephant Trunk and Whole-Body Perfusion

Conclusion: “A 65-year-old man with chronic type A aortic dissection underwent zone 1 debranching and frozen elephant trunk with whole-body perfusion. This approach has the potential to improve technical feasibility of the frozen elephant trunk procedure and reduce its ischemic complications.”

Emergent Use of a Branched Arch Device to Treat an Ascending Aortic Rupture: A Branch-to-Branch Through-and-Through Wire Technique to Compensate for Rotation Error

Conclusion: “The use of a branched arch stent-graft for emergent repair of a ruptured ascending aorta is feasible.”

Select type I and type III endoleaks at the completion of fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair resolve spontaneously

Conclusion: “Whereas completion type I and type III endoleaks are common after FEVAR with the ZFEN device, nearly all of these endoleaks resolve spontaneously by the initial postoperative imaging. These results suggest that select completion endoleaks after FEVAR with the ZFEN device do not require intervention at the index procedure.”

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