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PEARS For Your Aorta: Not Just Another Fruity Idea

The PEARS procedure is an acronym for a new method, involving open heart surgery, for treating proximal aortic root dilation and represents a novel, personalized approach - utilizing an external stent - to address a complex and often lethal disease of the aortic root. Continue reading.

5 Lessons from Actor Bill Paxton’s Untimely Death

Recently, the world was saddened to learn of the surprising death from stroke of another famous Hollywood celebrity from heart-related issues.

On February 25, 2017, we learned that Mr. Bill Paxton passed away following complications following open heart surgery.

Bill Paxton was famous for acting in a number of Hollywood blockbuster hits including “Twister”, “Aliens” and “Titanic”.

At the present time, limited information is available to the public and press concerning Mr. Paxton’s... Continue reading.

Aortology: The New Science of Aortic Disease and Treatment

I want to take a step back with you, for a moment, and depart from the usual focus of many of our typical posts on, which have frequently focused on a particular disease state of the aorta and its associated management options and introduce a new concept: Aortology.

Today, instead, I want to discuss the emerging field, as a whole, as it relates to the diagnosis of aortic disease and treatments. Continue reading.

Double Trouble: Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV)

Let’s discuss what is a bicuspid aortic valve.  The main valve of the heart - the aortic valve - is an incredibly beautiful structure with a level of design complexity that even the brilliant Renaissance artist and scientist, Leonardo da Vinci, marveled at.

All medical students and physicians have studied heart anatomy and know about the aortic valve.

However, for specialists like myself, there is a level of fasciation and depth of understanding... Continue reading.

The Unfortunate Case of Alan Thicke

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This past week we have all struggled to make sense of the sudden and unexpected passing of the famous and beloved Hollywood actor, songwriter, game and talk show host Alan Thicke.

This has been even more difficult because of his death occurring around the holidays.

With respect to Mr. Thicke’s privacy and the grieving process... Continue reading.