I'm Dr. Grayson Wheatley, a board-certified heart surgeon specializing in aortic surgery.

This blog is dedicated to giving patients, family members, and physicians quality medical information about the aorta, its diseases, and how to treat them.

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Now Available. Get your AORTA Merchandise... Continue reading.

BadAorta: A Deep Dive Into Aortic Disease, It's Treatment And The Latest Research: Volume One: Aortic Dissections

A breakthrough book that pulls back the curtains like never before on one of the most challenging heart problems known to Medicine – Aortic Dissections. Continue reading.

Risk Factors For Developing Aortic Disease (Second Edition): A Tool For Patients and Physicians

Aortic disease is called a silent killer because often there are no warning signs prior to an aortic emergency. Knowing the risk factors for developing aortic disease can save your life. Continue reading.

Family Ties: What Your Aorta Says About Your Family History

Give me 5 minutes with a patient and I can get a very good sense of how likely it is that they have a problem with their aorta. Continue reading.

President Abraham Lincoln’s Aortic Valve

Lincoln’s Sign for diagnosing aortic valve insufficiency, also referred to as aortic regurgitation, is the presence of a pulsing foot in someone with their legs crossed. Continue reading.