Aortic disease is called a silent killer because often there are no symptoms prior to an aortic emergency. Knowing the risk factors for developing aortic disease can save your life.


We live in an era of personalized medicine.


Risk Factors For Developing Aortic Disease (Second Edition): A Tool For Patients and Physicians Dr. Grayson Wheatley

Too few individuals know their personal risk for developing a problem with their aorta.


In Healthcare, we call this aortic risk-stratification.


Many factors impact whether someone develops an aortic aneurysm or an aortic dissection. Some risk factors are within your control, while others are not.


The first step to preventing a life-threatening aortic catastrophe is to know all of the risk factors which apply to you. Once you know these factors, it is a shared decision between you and your physician on whether it makes sense to get screened for an aortic aneurysm.


Aortic disease is a significant health concern both in the US and globally.


Aortic disease is the 19th leading cause of death in the United States. Other countries have similar rates of death from aortic disease.


Like any other organ in the body, the aorta can fail emergently and quickly become a life-threatening problem, such as an aortic dissection or an aortic aneurysm.


Your aorta is the superhighway connecting your heart to the rest of your body.


While the heart is the engine that tirelessly pumps oxygen-rich blood to every part of the body, the aorta is the conduit that enables the blood to reach and nourish every aspect of the body.


This all-new Second Edition provides helpful information on what factors contribute to the development of aortic disease.


In this book, I discuss:

  • Inherited Risk Factors
  • Environmental Risk Factors
  • Demographic Risk Factors
  • Next Steps


One of this book’s important take-home messages is that more people need to understand their personal risk for developing aortic disease. Individuals at increased risk may need to undergo testing to get screened for aortic disease.


If you or someone you know has an aortic problem, it is crucial that you understand what causes aortic disease.


Take the next step. Know the risks.


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